Does your dog or cat suffer from painful arthritis or a debilitating disease? Click above to learn how our cell-based therapies can help alleviate pain and suffering and provide improved mobility and well-being.


Are you looking for new medical advancements that will improve your veterinary practice? Our cell-based therapies can help give hope to your canine and feline patients dealing with chronic pain and loss of mobility.

Welcome to VetCell Therapeutics

VCT is a cell therapy company focused on generating and delivering cell-based treatments for use in veterinary practice. We believe we can help our animal companions who suffer from certain medical conditions as they age. There are various degenerative conditions that may affect animals, causing them pain and discomfort. Traditional treatment of these conditions ranges from drug intervention to surgery. VCT recognizes that cell-based therapies are becoming more commonplace and effective for improving the well-being of pets. Our mission is to develop the best-quality cell-based therapies for ailing pet companions to achieve a better quality of life.

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