Our Mission:

To provide world-class cell therapies produced to the utmost safety and quality standards for the treatment of degenerative diseases in companion animals.


About Us:About VetCell Therapeutics Stem Cell Therapy

Started in 2015, VetCell Therapeutics (VCT) is a division of PrimeGen Biotech, a pioneer in the research and discovery of practical therapeutic uses for stem cells since 2002, dedicated to producing the safest and highest quality regenerative stem cell treatments for pets and companion animals.


Our Goal:

VetCell Therapeutics is committed to developing the highest-quality cell-based therapies for ailing pets in order to provide them a better quality of life. Standing by this commitment, we have outfitted our production facility with several specialized research and development labs that boast the latest technologies, and have built a dedicated cleanroom that allows us to produce cell therapies in accordance with the GMP guidelines set by the FDA.

stem cell therapy vet with dog arthritisWe are also committed to helping pets who suffer from debilitating medical conditions live a less painful life with a reduced dependency of drugs. Many of the degenerative conditions, which affect people also affect animals, causing them pain and discomfort. Traditional drug and surgical treatments may fall short of offering long-term treatment of the associated symptoms. We believe that stem cell therapy holds the key to unlocking a future where many different types of degenerative and chronic diseases can be treated long-term and potentially cured without the use of drugs.

We have enlisted the help of several highly respected veterinarians with proven experience using stem cell therapies to help pets, and are working with veterinary practices around the world to ensure that pet owners have access to the highest-quality stem cell therapies available.

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