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About VetCell Therapeutics Stem Cell Therapy Started in 2015, VetCell Therapeutics (VCT) is a subsidiary of PrimeGen Biotech, a pioneer in the research and discovery of practical therapeutic uses for stem cells since 2002.

VCT is a cell therapy company focused on generating regenerative treatments for our companion animals. The core technology of the treatment is with the use of your pet’s adipose stem cells. VCT is also currently developing other treatments using different types of stem cells. Our goal is to use these cells for our companion animals to treat osteoarthritis, lameness, and other degenerative diseases.

PrimeGen Biotech LLC is a privately held research firm dedicated to discovering the best possible applications for stem cell therapies and translating its research into effective therapeutic applications.

As a subsidiary of PrimeGen Biotech, VetCell Therapeutics has rights to use its parent company’s more-than 30 issued and pending patents regarding the use of stem cells for regenerative medical applications and is capable of cell processing, cell culture, molecular biology, flow cytometry, and histology.

Our Mission

VetCell Therapeutics mission is to develop the highest-quality cell-based therapies for ailing pet companions to provide them a better quality of life.

stem cell therapy vet with dog arthritisWe believe that any pet owner should be able to afford the best quality treatment for sick or aging companion animals

We are committed to helping pets and companion animals who suffer from debilitating medical conditions live a pain-free life without harsh drugs. There are various degenerative conditions that affect animals, causing them pain and discomfort, and traditional drug and surgical treatments often fall short of offering long-term treatment of the associated symptoms

As a cell therapy manufacturer focused on generating and delivering cell-based treatments for use in veterinary practices, we work with veterinarians around the world to ensure that pet and companion animal owners have access to advanced stem cell therapies.

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