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EvoluGen OA

Cytokine based Paracrine therapy for improved joint function and inflammation relief

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Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment for Inflammation Relief

As pets age they can experience similar types of degenerative conditions as their human companions. It is particularly common for older canines to experience osteoarthritis in their hips, shoulders and knees. This condition inflicts chronic swelling and inflammation in addition to degeneration of the smooth cartilage that covers and protects the end of bones in a compound joint. The resulting symptoms range from slight discomfort to extreme joint pain.

EvoluGen OA from VetCell Therapeutics is an advanced platelet-rich plasma therapy for dogs that effectively treats Osteoarthritic conditions by delivering a high concentration of cellular growth factors to the affected joint in order to mediate healing and reduction of inflammation. It is a safe drug-free alternative for treating OA symptoms and has demonstrated the potential to slow or stop the progression of join degeneration.

What is EvoluGen OA?

EvoluGen OA is an autologous injectable product produced in a controlled environment containing platelet-rich plasma derived from a canine patient’s blood. This method of treating OA symptoms has been in use for decades with a very high success rate, and because it is an autologous treatment, is considered safe with no risk of the body rejecting the treatment. EvoluGen OA is a minimally manipulated platelet-rich plasma therapy processed in compliance with cGMP guidelines.

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Why Platelet-Rich Plasma?

For more than four decades, scientists have studied and proven the therapeutic significance of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and the effects of administering high concentrations of cellular growth factors to promote the healing of damaged tissues and for slowing the progression of joint damaged caused by OA. PRP contains many growth factors and signaling molecules in their granules that reduce the expression of inflammatory cytokines and encourages proliferation and differentiation of resident cells, enhancing the body’s natural healing response.

Arthritis Pain Symptoms

Arthritis is a painful condition that can affect adult dogs and even some juvenile dogs. Arthritis is common a common disease for most breeds of dogs and is responsible for being one of the main causes of reoccurring pain in our beloved pets. Arthritis can be a very debilitating disease that greatly reduces a dog’s quality of lift and ability to enjoy basic daily activities.

Symptoms of OA

  • Limping, favoring, lameness of limbs
  • Reluctance to rise from a resting position
  • Stiffness, licking and reduced mobility
  • Reduced appetite
  • Increased pain while walking
  • Depression or lethargy

Benefits of EvoluGen OA

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased range of motion and functionality
  • Reduced pain and increased overall well-being (quality of life)
  • No drug related side effects
  • Potential to slow or stop the progression of joint disease

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